Wednesday, July 4, 2007

iPhone review

The latest craze from Apple called iPhone

Friday, May 4, 2007

What is Web 2.0

Just short post. Found this from Jeremy Zawodny blog. Read it here

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Great Job @ CrunchBoard

If you feel that you are highly skillful in programming, visualization, management, highly motivated and looking for US based company to work for, browse to CrunchJob

There are a lot of technology related job from developer, engineer, designer, consultant to CTO for you to choose for. There are also few not technical job, such as marketing position for technology company.

source: TechCrunch

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wufoo is fuyoo (means extreamly good in Malaysian slang)

Don't worry if you have less HTML or coding language, or you are lazy to find html code for your website. Even though i know little bit about HTML coding, but sometime i feel lazy to create it from scratch. Until i found Wufoo i used to find html code from planet-source-code or other free source code resources. Wufoo offer 5 packages and do offer free version, but it is limited to 3 forms and 3 reports. The paid version come as low as $9 permonth. If you are serious about forms and html you may use the paid versions since its offer more than the free version.

Ok, i'm not going to talk more about wufoo technically or generally since you can get it more from their blog , but i will show briefly how to create simple form. I admit that Wufoo is extreamly easy to use even if you are totally have zero knowledge about html.

Step1: Register

Step 2: Select all fields desired and it will automatically dropped to the right pane. Modify and edit form and field properties accordingly

Step 3: save your form it will bring you to this page where you will be able to get the html script. You have 3 option

1. Integrage to your site/blog
2. Full page form code
3. XHTML/CSS code

p/s -Don't forget to view my sample form at the end of this page. If you do have suggestion, please leave it there. For any comment, leave it at the end of this post, as usual :)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Want to be like Yahoo?

When i was searching web directory script today, i came across to one site recall how Yahoo started as a web directory. This is quite surprising to me since i assume before (some of you might already know) they were started as a search engine before moving forward to other services. If interested, old yahoo at 1996 still can be viewed here

Ok, back to my searching for web directory script, after hours spent evaluating few options, at the end i choose php script from php link directory

However since I'm internet newbie with earning not in USD, i choose the old version (2.1) which is free. The latest version will cost you from USD 25. Both version indeed is very good and widely used. They do have their own community which provide free templates, free MySQL dumb and etc. Just naming few top phpldp source such as phpldowners, phpld-templates and don't forget phpld itself

p/s: My web directory can be viewed at

resource: Yahoo History, phpldowners, wiki

Saturday, March 24, 2007

One stop online TV guide

Ever wonder how to check TV guide from one place.? Gone are the days where we search TV guide from newspaper or the channel's own website or we watch TV presenter tannouce what is the TV listing for today.

Some of you might already heard about before. As what it names suggested, it is online TV guide which listing all Tv listing depend on your location. Unfortunately Malaysia(and any Asian country) is not yet listed there. For US residents, they will be able to get the listing with 2 simple steps. Enter your zip code and choose your channel and you are there. For international, as at now, there are 26 countries listed there

Looking at their TV listing i have a feeling that how interesting are there with a lot of movies, tv series, documentaries as well as news.

I manage to view what this site Google Video, Yahoo Video, AOL Video, Blinkx, Dabble, has offered, but it seems like they are mostly to video searching (which TVguide is about to launch). The do provide it, but it is more toward to play list rather that TV listing.

resource Business 2.0

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PayScale - Real Time Salary Calculator

PayScale, a Web-based pay comparison service, is out to bring transparency to one of the deepest secrets in the labor market: who earns what. The site collects real-time pay data directly from workers and spits out an analysis showing what an occupation is worth - organized by a given city, industry or company - with the speed of an online stock quote.

Now you can do salary calculation and comparison online. Its provide you steps by steps beginning with your country, job title/function, your certificate and skills, current employer information ,compensation information and so on. I had given it a try, the result is not bad, quite there.

No more headache in determining expected salary :)

Resource - Business 2.0